Art installation game


FLUX is an art installation game. It’s simple but grows beyond its set of playable pieces, the space it invades, and the rules it proposes. 

The game is continuously crafted by Barbara Goliasz and played with interdisciplinary art pieces and objets trouvé. 

You can participate in the game as a player or collaborate in creating FLUX elements. 

FLUX will be playable @La Mediatine on 15 (opening 18hrs) & 16 December (10-20hrs) 2023


The FLUX dice board can accommodate up to 6 players at the same time, but realistically the number of participants is endless: new players can substitute those who left, players who left may rejoin at a later time.

Players use dice, various art pieces, objects and tools to interact and develop the installations. Additional odds are introduced with chance cards: will you get to choose your piece, or will you succumb to a creative block?


Barbara Goliasz, born in 1990 in Krakow, lives and works in Brussels, mainly in the fields of oil painting and sculpture, using them for art installations..

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