FLUX is dedicated to be played by between 2-6 players. There are four installations on which players can realise their move. Each part of the board is assigned to a specific installation:

Movement of pawns is determined by throwing dice. 

The number of eyes on the dice moves the pawn on the board, but also generates  movement in the installation. 

The element assigned to the number of dices is used by the player to develop interventions  in the composition of the installation.

The common denominator of the game space: the installations and the elements are the types materials used, e.g.: paper, foil from a vinyl record cover painted with watercolors, mirrors, wood, metal plates, sewer gratings.

Four Chance Cards may be activated when a pawn lands on board fields marked with pins:

The Distance Card allows the player to specify a particular place from which to view the installation. It is useful when the player wants to achieve a specific effect, e.g. using a mirror in their movement.

Additional Element Card allows the player to choose an additional element and use it immediately or in his next move.

The Installation Card allows the player to choose the installation in which to implement his move.

Creative Block. The player returns to the beginning of the game.

The board, pawn pieces, and cards are universal. Additional installations can be created as a playing field for Flux. You can play on just one installation or on four or two.

FLUX can also involve players in creating their own elements and incorporating them into the game. The elements will flow, one taken will be replaced by a new one.

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