FLUX was created in response to a sculptural project that I wanted to realize in the spring of 2022. The initial form of the sculpture became a pretext for experimenting and provoked me to create various compositions using different materials. FLUX is dynamic. Each subsequent participant changes its form, giving it a different appearance. Changes are documented.

The main goal of the game is to flow creativity by enabling interaction between the artist and the player-audience, who becomes a co-creator of the work.

Barbara Goliasz

Barbara Goliasz, born in 1990 in Krakow, lives and works in Brussels, mainly in the fields of oil painting and sculpture, using them for art installations. She also practices drawing and linocut.

“My creative urge is directed towards interaction with the viewer, resulting in the artwork evolving and revealing new meanings.

The dialogue taking place not only at the level of passive reception but also active participation. Rules, which are by definition something that limits freedom, can paradoxically support the process.

I am interested in the evolution of concepts, both in the context of the theme and the form of the artwork. A significant drive of my creative work are the stains and traces. Their shape and the color relations that occur within them are an inspiration for the initial form of the artwork. Then it becomes a field for experimenting and playing with my own imagination.

The functioning of my art in the context of the game gives it a specific dynamic and fluidity for anyone who wants to engage with it.”

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